Faldo Series Phuket


  1. Administration


  • British International School Phuket (BISP) will be responsible for the administration of the tournament.

  • Play will be governed by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews and the local rules of Laguna Golf Phuket.

  • The Thailand Golf Association will provide referees to enforce and advise competitors regarding R&A and local rules on the course. One to be present on each nine, with additional 2 monitoring pace of play.

  • The Tournament Director, in consultation with the TGA referees, will adjudicate any protests, claims, questions, or doubts arising from the tournament and his decision shall be final.


  1. Conditions of Entries


  • The tournament is open to all junior golfers as per the age categories listed below. Age category will be determined from the participant’s age on 1st January 2019.
  • All information regarding entries must be received and confirmed by 13th September 2019.
  • The draw will take place on Monday 23rd September 2019.
  • Entrants must have an official handicap of 28 and below for males, 36 and below for females. Players will be grouped together based on handicap for tournament round 1, and then re-organised based position for tournament round 2.


  1. Flights and Prizes


  • Boys and Girls of all Flights, will play 36 holes stroke play over two days, gross and nett scores can count towards both the Individual Competition and the Team Competition.

  • Individual competition will be conducted for the following age groups and off the following tees:


Age Group



 Faldo Series U21  

  Black Tees (6,756 yards)  

  White Tees (5,771 yards)  

Faldo Series U18

Blue Tees (6,158 yards)

*no age category*

Faldo Series U16

White Tees (5,771 yards) 

Red Tees (5,227 yards)

Mini Faldo U13

White Tees (5,771 yards) 

Red Tees (5,227 yards)

Mini Faldo U11 Red Tees (5,227 yards) Red Stakes (4,800 yards)


  • Individual gross score awards will be given for the top 3 male and female scores of each Age Group, overall male and female Faldo Series Phuket champions, runner-ups and 3rd places.

  • Individual Net prizes will be awarded to the male and female overall Faldo Series Phuket nett champions and male and female age category nett winners.

  • Ties for Overall Faldo Series Phuket Male and Female Champion will be decided by sudden death play, with the lowest gross score winning the title. All other individual awards will be determined by card count-back from the final round, starting with best back 9, then back 6, then back 3. If it is still a tie hole by hole count back will begin starting from the 18th hole of the final round until a winner is determined.

  • The Overall Faldo Series Phuket Team winners (12 per team maximum) will be determined by combining the four lowest gross scores each day. There will be awards for winners, runner-up and 3rd place.

  • The Faldo Series Phuket Boys Team Winners and Girls team winners will be determined by combining the two low male or female gross scores from the teams each day.

  • There will be a Nett Team Award this year, sponsored by Golf Development Asia. The Faldo Series Phuket Nett Team Winners will be determined by combining the four lowest nett scores each day.

  • If ties arise for the team prizes the winner shall be decided by the BISP Tournament Committee in agreement with Faldo Series Trust. The decision of the Tournament Committee is final and binding.

  • Hole-in-one, longest drives, closest to the pins prizes and local rules will be confirmed prior to the event.


  1. Conditions of Play


  • The Tournament Committee wishes to draw the attention of all participants to the rules regarding slow play and undue delay. Breach of Rule 6-7; a Group will be monitored 'on-the clock' before offending individuals will receive a 2 stroke penalty; for repeat offence – DISQUALIFICATION.

  • Participants must report to the starter 10 minutes before their stipulated times. Participants are reminded of Rule 6-3 “If the player arrives at his starting tee, ready to play, within 5 minutes after his scheduled tee time, the penalty for failure to start on time will be 2 strokes. Penalty for more than 5 minutes late – DISQUALIFICATION.

  • Participants not properly attired will not be allowed to play on the course. Sport shirts with collar, golf shirts, golf skirts, or trousers, golf Bermuda’s, and proper golf shoes must be worn.

  • Players shall not exchange conversation with the gallery. Galleries must keep distance from the players. This rule applies to both parents and coaches. 1st offence – warning and 2nd offence – 2 stroke penalty with parent / coach banned from the course.

  • Competitors of the Faldo Series must walk the course. Cart option will be available to those age categories in the Mini Faldo Tournament at an additional cost to the tournament fee.

  • Protests: Disputes or protests must be made in writing and be lodged with the Tournament Committee within 10 minutes of the completion of the competitor’s round.

  • Caddies: All players must avail themselves of the services of a Laguna Golf Phuket caddie.